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15 May 2018
New NavPay 4.1 Gives You Added Security, Privacy And More

Version 4.1 of NavPay is out now. It’s easier to use, more customisable, and more reliable. Here are the key updates you should know about.

While Apple is going through the process of approving the app for the iTunes store, NavPay has been turned into a Progressive Web App that saves to your home screen for easy access.

On a your first visit to using the latest iOS version (11.3) you’ll be prompted to download the Progressive Web App version. If you have an existing wallet, the download button can be found in Settings at the bottom of the page.

Enhanced security and privacy.

To improve your security you’ll be prompted to encrypt your wallet, and if it’s unencrypted get you’ll warnings to remind you to secure it. Control of your privacy is enhanced by the option to add custom NavTech private payment servers.

Hosting is faster and backend servers have multiple backups. There are a number of UI fixes and improvements, including making it easier to use Changelly to purchase NavCoin.

Do more with QR codes.

The speed and accuracy of the QR scanner has been improved, and you can now use a QR code to backup your wallet. This makes it easy to transfer your wallet from an old phone to your new one with this new feature.

For a full list of the changes incorporated into NavPay 4.1 visit the GitHub documentation link here

Get NavPay 4.1 now.

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15 May 2018