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NavPay 4.4.0 released, and proposal voting

NavPay 4.4.0 released, and proposal voting

John Darby
28 Nov 2018

The recent issues with NavPay have been resolved with the updates to the wallet and backend server included in NavPay 4.4.0.

The recent issues with NavPay have been resolved with the updates to the wallet and backend server included in NavPay 4.4.0.

Since the Community Fund activated on the mainnet, the NavPay wallet had been experiencing issues sending transactions. Now this is fixed and NavPay is working as it should. For more details on this solution and how to update your NavPay check out Craig’s NavHub article.

If you have any questions or need more support, join the community on Discord.

Get voting!

Sakdeniz’ NEXT wallet provides NavCoin stakers with an easy way to vote on proposals submitted to the Community Fund. You can see an overview of the wallet and its capabilities at the NEXT wallet page on the Collab website.

You can also watch this video from the core team’s live stream on how the voting for the proposals works.

If you’re running a NavPi and having trouble voting, check out this discussion in Reddit for troubleshooting by community members.

Bootstrapping is enabled again

Bootstrapping provides you with a much faster way to download the NavCoin blockchain the first time you launch a NavCoin Core or NEXT wallet. The bootstrapping service is provided via AWS and there was a temporary error, which has now been fixed. This Knowledge Base article explains the two methods to bootstrap your wallet.

In last week’s Community News we mentioned that due to hardware limitations, the NavPi is approaching the end of its useful life as a staking device for NAV. To ensure that it works until its replacement is ready, there is a stable version of the NavPi available. It contains the 4.3.x wallet, and to start staking you will need to run the built-in updater.

The Core devs are making progress with the new NavDroid stakebox project we also discussed last week. Look out for more updates on this long-term solution in the future.

Latest Community Fund proposals

The Guerrilla Gang made its first appearance on the Collab website with a proposal for a guerrilla advertising campaign to increase awareness of NavCoin in the general community.

CryptoCandor proposed making a review of the NavCoin Community Fund on her YouTube channel. The goal is to show people how the Fund works and hopefully inspire more people to get involved. Check out her proposal on the Collab website.

Other new proposals include printing NavCoin stickers to be distributed free to the NavCoin community, Code Signing Certificate for the Core wallet, and a Ledger integration.

If you haven’t already registered your profile on the Collab website, why not head over and do it now. Then you’ll be able to post your own ideas for discussion and help other community members with their projects.

How to start your own Community Fund project

Last week’s Community News contained a lot of useful information on how to get your Community Fund project started. If you missed it, check it out now at

Community Fund Boot Camp

The boot camp will be getting into action soon. The objective is to equip you with know-how and experience to help you develop your own Community Fund project. To register your interest in taking part please complete this form.

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John Darby
28 Nov 2018