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Soft Fork Voting Update

Soft Fork Voting Update

John Darby
7 Nov 2018

Community members are signalling their agreement to the latest protocol update by downloading the new Core wallet, and the three soft forks are getting very close to lock-in.

Community members are signalling their agreement to the latest protocol update by downloading the new Core wallet, and the three soft forks are getting very close to lock-in.

At the present rate, each will achieve the necessary 75% consensus by the end of the current block period - which is likely to be in the new few days. Check out the NavCoin block explorer to see the latest voting stats.

Once the soft forks are locked in, there will be the usual one week upgrade period, and after that, the NavCoin Community Fund will be activated.

When the soft forks are locked in you’ll have a seven day grace period to update your wallet, but after that, you risk being dropped from the network - so if you haven’t already done it download the latest version of the Core Wallet now.

New translation feature

Translators will now be able to contribute translations direct to However because the process is not fully automated, you might still require some assistance from the NavCoin Core developers. Please feel free to get in touch via Discord.

Website updates

Some broken links were fixed on and pagination was added to the NavHub news page, which now loads approximately 90% faster.

Developer documentation site almost ready

The first iteration of the NavCoin Dev Documentation website is nearly complete. It will give developers a resource that helps make it easier to contribute code to the NavCoin protocol or create new software and services on top of it. It’s important to note that it’s not a replacement for the NavCoin Knowledge Base which provides assistance and information to users of existing software and services within the NavCoin ecosystem. Look out for a launch update soon.

Upcoming Hackathon

The Collab Hackathon will be a fun and easy introduction to making Community Fund proposals. Just describe your concept and how it could benefit the NavCoin community, or even the world! You don’t need complex calculations or everything perfectly thought out - just put your thinking cap on and give it a whirl! The Hackathon will be run through NavCoin’s social channels, so everyone will have a chance to share their ideas and chip in with helpful feedback.

A couple of weeks ago Craig published this NavCoin summary with a high-level view of where NavCoin is heading. If you haven’t already read it, it’s well worth doing so. It’s also good for sharing with people new to NavCoin, so they can see everything that’s going on and get excited about becoming part of this thriving community.

Core Content Creators

Content creators away day

The Core Content team were out of the office on Monday for an intensive working session to formulate a strategy for the next few quarterly periods, and brainstorming new ideas to attract new people to the NavCoin community.

New Steemit article

Dr Ropata (on Discord) posted his take on the top Community Fund proposals so far on Steemit. Check them out to see what other NavCoin community members are planning and get inspired.


This social media initiative is all about celebrating and sharing the great ideas that come from NavCoin community members all over the world.

To support the community’s efforts, NavCoin Core are going to offer their help and support to one of the most popular proposal ideas.

All you have to do is tweet your proposal idea with the hashtag #HumansOfNavCoin. The more likes and retweets your tweet gets, the more entries you get into the competition. We will pick one of the most liked and retweeted proposal ideas, and help the creator to bring the project to life. NavCoin Core will help the winner publish their idea, submit the funding proposal, promote it to the NavCoin Community and even help to execute the idea, or help find the right team which can.

Read up here for more information on how to get your project off the ground with the support of the NavCoin Core team.

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John Darby
7 Nov 2018