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Could you idea be the next big thing?


Ideas can come from everywhere and from anyone. And they’re a great way to help inspire the rest of the community who might have the skills, but aren’t sure how they can be helping. It starts with ideas for products, articles, visuals, videos, tools, potential business integrations, marketing campaigns, and more. And then finding people who can help you bring it to life.

“I would submit a PR budget proposal to help drive awareness and adoption for NavCoin.”

— Laura

What kind of ideas

Add Your Ideas

If you have any suggestions you'd like to add you can contribute to this site through GitHub.

An article series

Have a great idea for a series of articles? Writing articles is a great way to help people learn about NavCoin, and its ecosystem. Decide on whether you’re writing for the NavCoin community, or for a wider crypto audience - and tailor your content to that. Popular places to publish content are on Medium, Steemit, and NavHub.

Community initiatives to bring people together

Have ideas on how to bring the community closer together? Ideas that inspire action towards a common goal? The success of open source projects is based on community members deciding that they want to help build something important to them. The more you can do to get people building, the better the NavCoin ecosystem becomes.

Ideas for infographics

As they say - a picture paints a thousand words. Visuals are a great way to convey information, and are easily shareable on social networks. We have a community of designers, so why not connect with one of them and help create something eye catching.

Marketing campaign

With the community fund, if you have ideas for a more traditional marketing campaign - then share it with the community and get some feedback! Keep in mind who our target audiences are (who would be most receptive to NavCoin), and what kind of message you want to get across.

Idea for a product or tool to help adoption

Just because you don’t have the specific skill set to bring something to life, doesn’t mean you should hold it back. Suggesting ideas is a great way to inspire the community, and a great way to connect with other community members who could help you.

Ways to grow the community

NavCoin is a decentralised network, and as such, it’s only as strong as the people who make up the community. Anything that can help grow our community is a valuable use of time. Think outside the box! Find ways to connect with members of other projects in a positive & constructive way, without trying to tear others down.

Talk to the community

Ideas are just the start, so make sure to share them with the community for feedback and to find collaborators!

From NavHub to the Community Fund

1. If you think you have a greate idea and wish to delivery a major improvement to to the NavCoin ecosystem, it would be greate to communicate with other NavCoin members,and submit your idea to the Discord Ideas & Strategy Channel.

2. Disuss and refine your news ideas with the community members and get some buy-ins.

3. Pulish the polished idea onto Nav Collab.

4. Great! Now you can apply for the NavCoin Community Fund with has a link to you the project on Nav Collab and get paid for working and deliverying you ideas. Check out the community fund page here.

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