NavCoin Projects

There is a whole eco-system of software which developers have created to operate on or alongside the NavCoin protocol. All software the NavCoin Core developers create is also free and open-source.

Here you can find more information about all the awesome projects which have been, or are being built by the NavCoin community.

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NavCoin Core

NavCoin is a decentralised cryptocurrency that uses peer-to-peer technology to operate with no central authority or banks; managing transactions and the issuing of NavCoin is carried out collectively by the network.


NavTech enables a dual blockchain based private payment option that operates in parallel to the NavCoin blockchain.


NavPay is an easy to use light wallet, that allows you to securely store your NAV. There’s no blockchain to download, it’s just a quick & simple way to take control of your private keys.

Merchant Gateway

NavCoin has been added to Coin Payments merchant gateway. This allows merchants to accept NavCoin in their physical stores and also on their websites.

Payment Button

Enable NAV payments and donations on your website with this easy to configure button that comes with a range of configurations and options.

Knowledge Base

To consolidate troubleshooting tips and general information about NavCoin its various applications and how to use them, the NavCoin community are compiling a knowledge base of helpful articles.

Community Fund

The community have suggested a change in the consensus mechanism which would allow for community contributors to receive funding from the network for their efforts.

NavCoin Next

A cross platform NavCoin wallet that provides an alternative to NavCoin Core and an even more user friendly graphical interface.

Nav Explorer

Porting bitcoinj for NavCoin to power an alternative block explorer written in Java. This will offer redundancy if there are any issues with the current cryptoid block explorer.


Using a combination of lightning network transactions and exchange integrations, NavChange is a Valence-powered application, which facilitates instant exchange between NAV and other currencies.