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NavCoin Design


Design is a critical part of NavCoin’s marketing efforts. As they say a picture is worth a thousand words. Visual content is much more easily shared on social media, and goes a lot further to cut through the noise. Great design attracts people, and can help educate new users on how NavCoin works.

“I would print a stack of limited edition #NavCoin tees made from #fairtrade #organic cotton and ship them worldwide for free on a first in first served basis.”

— Craig MacGregor (@proletesseract)

How you can help

Add Your Ideas

If you have any suggestions you'd like to add you can contribute to this site through GitHub.

Design a website

There are many projects in the NavCoin community, and websites help make the projects visible to a wider audience. You can collaborate with project owners to make them an attractive websites, and use designer friendly tools like Wix, Webflow, or Squarespace to get started.


NavCoin is all about simplifying crypto, and infographics go a long way to making a complex topic easy to understand. One way to do this is to work with developers to translate technical terms into a user-friendly image or convert existing articles into an visual format.

Social media content

Help the community promote new projects and updates on Reddit, Twitter, Discord and other social media. Create some awesome graphics that can be shared around by the community.

NavCoin fan art

Community and creativity go well together, feel free to express your drawing talent and show your nav artworks! You can design a mascot, illustrations, or whatever you want. Nav man created by @beekart is a perfect example of this so check it out [here]

Video content

Video is a highly engaging form of content that always performs well. They can be as simple as shooting something with a smartphone (plus minor editing), or you can use tools such as Biteable to create videos that tell a story.

UX/UI design

Making our ecosystem friendly & easy to use is a core part of NavCoin. So any help in the presentation or interactivity of software and websites is always welcomed.

How do I get involved

If you have a passion for design and you're interested in contributing to NavCoin, then join some of the community channels below and say hello. The best way to start is to talk with other community members and see if anyone needs any assistance with a project or has any ideas to share. Otherwise just dive right in there, create some content and share it with the rest of the community for feedback.

From NavHub to the Community Fund

1. If you think you have a greate idea and wish to delivery a major improvement to to the NavCoin ecosystem, it would be greate to communicate with other NavCoin members,and submit your idea to the Discord Design Channel.

2. Disuss and refine your news ideas with the community members and get some buy-ins.

3. Pulish the polished idea onto Nav Collab.

4. Great! Now you can apply for the NavCoin Community Fund with has a link to you the project on Nav Collab and get paid for working and deliverying you ideas. Check out the community fund page here.

Community Channels