NavPay Wallet

Secure your NavCoin with an easy to use light wallet that allows you to take ownership of your private keys.

What Is NavPay?

NavPay is an easy to use light wallet, that allows you to securely store your NAV. There’s no blockchain to download, it’s just a quick & simple way to take control of your private keys.

You can use it on your mobile device or even in your browser – giving you the flexibility to protect your NAV in a way that’s most convenient for you.

Don’t risk having your coins on an exchange – download NavPay and take control today.

Easy to use

NavPay is the easiest way to take control of your NAV private keys, and comes with a setup guide to walk you through step-by-step.

Send NavTech Transactions

NavPay has optional private payments enabled – it uses NavTechs secondary blockchain.

Device-Based Security

Your private keys are only ever in your control. They are generated and only stored on your device – not on the internet.

Multi-Signature Wallet

NavPay allows you to create multi signature wallets – giving you extra security, and the ability to perform transactions as a group.

Integrated With Changelly

NavPay comes integrated with Changelly, which allows you to easily switch between different cryptocurrencies in the app.

Save Your Friends

An easy way to pay your friends! Save your contacts into your NavPay address book, and make payments easier to manage than ever.