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NavPi Kowhai UX Flow And New NavCoin Core Page

21 Mar 2018

This week the community and developers have been busy contributing to a range of NavCoin projects including NavPi, planning the upcoming NavCoin community website, and NavMorph. Now let’s take a closer look at what they’ve been doing.

Development Update

After a bit of work Mike has revised and completed the User Experience Flow for NavPi (Kowhai). You can see the results of his efforts in the link below.

User experience flows are simply a way to map out the features an application is intended to have. The intention is it helps designers and developers build an application in a way that makes sense and is easy to use. This document doesn’t reflect what the design will look like, but instead it represents the features that the initial software will launch with and where they will sit within the application.

With that done Mike is starting to refine the design of the NavCoin community site, and he has also added more developer workflow notes to the NavCoin docker readme.

Paul has merged a pull request from NavCoin community contributor Nick Vanbaelen on the NavCoin docker repository.

He has also put time into finishing the framework for the static NavCoin community site. His work on this important project has included documenting the update, integration and deployment process. Paul will be contributing more to the community site in the weeks to come. What’s more, he and Mike are collaborating on the Codeship build and integration testing for the NavPi Go project.

Matt has been concentrating on NavMorph this week. He has been working on the functionality required to prepare and send transactions through NavTech, and improved the fee estimate on the status page.

Alex has been running a series of lectures with the Encrypt S developers to share the benefit of his experience on blockchain technology and the NavCoin Core platform. The purpose is to quickly get the rest of the NavCoin Core developers up to speed with how the NavCoin community fund works with a deep level of understanding so they can be effective testers to help find any remaining bugs before it goes live. He will be working closely with Paul to create a testing plan which will help expedite it’s deployment. Alongside the community fund Alex has also been fixing some of the tests in the NavCoin Core test suite.

Sakdeniz has made many significant contributions to NavCoin community projects, and as you can see from the changelog below he has been working very hard to get the NavCoin Vue wallet up and running.

Changelog for NavCoin VUE Wallet (2003)

Added latest block number to homepage. Added blockchain verification progress info to homepage. Added voting buttons “Yes/No/Remove” for community proposals. Added “My Proposals” tab to sidebar. Added “Proposal Vote List” button to “My Proposals” page. Added “Payment Request Vote List” button to “My Proposals” page.

New NavCoin Core Wallet Page

The content contributors have released another project page this week, this time on the NavCoin Core wallet. These pages aim to give new users a simple overview of the key NavCoin projects.

You can view it here:

That’s it for another week. As you can see there’s a lot happening in the NavCoin community, and because it’s all open source any developer can contribute to these projects. Join the community discord to connect with developers working on these projects or start your own and get it featured on the website and weekly update.

Talk Soon,

NavCoin Core Team

21 Mar 2018