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NavCore Project Progress, Nav Community & Marketing Update

NavCore Project Progress, Nav Community & Marketing Update

21 Feb 2018

There has been a lot of solid progress made this week as the new team members start contributing to the main projects they will be working on. We will keep you updated on each project’s progress as milestones are achieved. Don’t forget it’s all open source so you can follow along on the NavCoin GitHub and even get involved!

This week the NavCoin Core Team (NavCore) have made continued progress across their range of current projects. NavPi Kowhai has seen a significant increase in GitHub activity as Mike gets up and running as a full time contributor. As well as helping Mike get started, Paul has been busy setting up development containers so all new developers can get up and running faster. So far he’s set up dev containers for NavCoin Core, NavMorph and NavPi Kowhai. Paul is also working to investigate upgrade and maintenance paths for the main repositories which have been forked from other projects, NavCoin Core and NavPay. This will allow them to be kept more easily updated as new versions get released on the original repository.

Matt has been working to get Rowan started on the NavMorph project, as well as some helpful peripheral tasks like flashing NavPi SD cards and writing articles for the knowledge base. Rowan has started reviewing NavMorph firstly to get an overview of where it’s at, how he can contribute and what needs to be audited before moving forward. As well as NavMorph, Rowan has been in talks with community moderator mntyfrsh about strengthening and standardizing the server architecture of the primary NavCoin services that the NavCore Team host are run on.

Alex continues to make progress on NavCoin Core with about 5 pull requests being completed this week. The rest of the NavCore team are busy working with Alex to increase their understanding of the NavCoin Core code base and support his pull requests by performing code reviews and approving the merges. The NavCore team are also joining the wider community efforts to test the Community Fund for any bugs or improvements that need to be implemented. Once the community is happy it works correctly, it will be added to the main network through the built-in majority network consensus approval process.

You can see all of this progress on a daily basis if you follow our GitHub repositories. The progress indicators on NavCore’s project roadmap have been updated on the website.

The NavCoin Community

The NavCore team remain fully committed to furthering the development of NavCoin, all its projects and initiatives. This should be abundantly clear from our actions and expansions over the recent months. It’s a big job though and we can’t do it all by ourselves. We need your help.

NavCoin is a community initiative. NavCoin ran no ICO or token sale to fund its development. The NavCore team is entirely comprised of and self-funded by community members and individuals who believe in the NavCoin project.

The NavCore team contribute to and try to guide NavCoin as best they can, but NavCore is in essence a part of the NavCoin community and ultimately NavCoin’s future is in the hands of the entire NavCoin community. It’s this position which has made Bitcoin so strong, and it is what will ensure NavCoin is too.

In the spirit of being an open source project, we are working on ways to further decentralize the stewardship of NavCoin beyond having all the NavCore projects open source. The Community Fund will be a big help to all of the NavCoin projects and initiatives of the wider community. So make sure you help us test it and get it across the line!

We also want to drive a higher level of community involvement in the websites and social media accounts which NavCore manage. For obvious reasons we can’t simply make the NavCoin twitter password public or add every community member as an Admin to the NavCoin website, but we do want to make sure the community is fairly represented through these channels.

For now, the best place to get in touch with the NavCore team about this is through discord. If you’re running a NavCoin competition, let us know and we’ll tweet about it! If you’re working on a cool NavCoin project, let us know and we’ll add it to the project roadmap! If you want something changed on the website, then let us know and we’ll update it!

We’re currently investigating more transparent and democratic ways to get the community involved in these processes, so there will be more to come on this in future updates.

Marketing Update

The NavCore marketing team have released an update on Reddit, as a way to give you a sense of what they are working on at the moment and what’s coming up.

A couple of take aways:

  • The NavCore marketing team are looking for two new team members to join them in Auckland – a UX/UI designer, and a technical content writer. These additions will increase both the quality, and the volume of marketing activities from the team.
  • There is one more article in the Valence introduction series to go, and once that’s completed they will put their focus back onto NavCoin. The team is in the process of finalizing their vision & strategy for NavCoin, and are taking the time to get it right. This will be released as a content series, and will give the community a better view on how NavCoin fits into the crypto ecosystem, and how it will stand out.
  • There’s more information in the post, so check it out here:

That’s all for this week,

NavCore team

21 Feb 2018