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Developer & Content Manifestos, Retesting NavCoin 4.2.0

Developer & Content Manifestos, Retesting NavCoin 4.2.0

Craig MacGregor
30 May 2018

Following on from the NavCoin Brand Guidelines published a couple of weeks ago, the NavCoin Core content contributors have added even more resourceful content that will further help empower community members to become active contributors in their own right. Expanding on that theme, there has been plenty of activity by community members this past week - from more merchants in Italy to a tipping bot on Telegram. Developers have been hard at it too, focussing on the retesting of the NavCoin Core 4.2.0 release candidate, and creation of NavCoin Protocol Improvement Proposals (NPIP’s).

What’s happening in the community

We noticed some questions popping up in the community recently about Staking, especially the differences between Proof of Stake and Proof of Work. Here’s a great guide from Bocyaj that goes into detail about how it all works.

NavCoin Italia has continued his efforts to make Italy the NavCoin merchant centre of the universe. This week they’ve added a furniture store and a fast food restaurant to the list.

NavCoin Italia Merchant Map

On Reddit, Jonathan reports he wants to collect existing accounts from the community in a comprehensive list in order to boost the community’s reach. If you run or know of any NavCoin social channels, head on over to the thread and let him know. Nice one Jonathan.

Technical updates

Retesting the release candidate for NavCoin 4.2.0 was a major focus. The bug that held up its release last week was fixed and the code has been retested. Paul would like to say a big thank you to RSACryptoTrader, bitsNVmad, Jonathan, prodpeak and Lord Nelson for their help with this.

Over on Telegram, community member Mess has built a tipping bot ‘NavPayBot’ that enables users to gamble, pay with NAV, and even donate NAV to anyone who they think has made a worthwhile contribution to the NavCoin community. Prole has already earned 1.5 NAV in tips.

There is now a NavCoin Protocol Improvement Proposals (NPIP) system for suggesting improvements to NavCoin. The aim of this is to make it easier for developers to share and discuss suggestions to the NavCoin protocol, before they reach a point where they begin work to implement it into NavCoin. This process ensures that they are well thought out to solve and any community developer can take part in improving the protocol.

NPIP-0001 is ready for review and outlines the procedure for submitting NPIP’s. NPIP-0002 is also available for review and outlines the upcoming cold staking implementation.

Content and media

The NavCoin Developer and Content Manifestos have just been published and are ready to view now. The NavCoin community is thriving with contributors from all around the globe, which is why it’s important to make it clear why we’re doing this. These manifesto’s give everyone a vision statement to refer to, so that everyone’s efforts are aligned in the same direction.

The best place to get started is by viewing the manifesto page on the NavHub website first, which gives a big picture introduction to the documents. You can view it here:

NavCoin Developer Manifesto

NavCoin Content Manifesto

To download either of the manifestos please visit the community hub:

A third way to help empower individuals within the NavCoin community has also been published this week - a detailed guide on ‘How to edit’. It outlines the process of interacting with the website in simple steps, so anyone has the freedom to make contributions through GitHub. It’s the first phase of a plan to make NavHub a much more active part of the community. See it here.

We’ve also added the Netlify CMS module to the site to make it even easier for any community member to add a news article about any of their NavCoin initiatives. To check out how you can add your news, visit this guide:

The NavCoin Core Collective have also started a Steemit account. Follow them there if you like your updates served from a blockchain based decentralised platform.

That’s all for this week,

NavCoin Core

Craig MacGregor
30 May 2018