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NavCoin Core Manifestos, Cold Staking Testing.

NavCoin Core Manifestos, Cold Staking Testing.

11 Apr 2018

This week the core team have started creating NavCoin Core manifesto documents, and we see a fantastic example of how members without coding skills can contribute to the project.

The Core Content team are currently working closely with developers to create a suite of NavCoin Core Manifestos. The purpose of these Manifestos is to make clear:

  • What the core contributors roles are
  • How the contributors decide what to work on
  • The values that drive the NavCoin core contributors

For a decentralised project like NavCoin, having a clearly defined set of guiding beliefs is hugely important. It formalises how the collective operates and the reasons for doing things in a certain way - enabling all NavCoin contributors to pull in a similar direction.

Once these Manifestos are published, we’re hoping the wider NavCoin community will have a much better understanding of how they can best support the core contributors and the project as a whole - regardless of their skillset.

Core Developer Updates

Paul is now fully recovered from the flu and is back up to speed in a huge way. At one stage he had to work from his car via mobile hotspot, due to a power cut at his home. Here’s what he was working on this week:

  • On-boarding the Core Content team with the new NavCore Community Hub
  • Building coverage in the NavCoin Core product
  • Fixing NavCoin Core tests
  • Further development of the NavPi product suite
  • Continued working on Cold Staking, reviewing and testing its implementation with Alex

Alex reports that Cold Staking is ready for testing, and binaries for this are now available for download.

He said that if you are testing, you should also test this binary in mainnet, even if some of the features like Cold Staking or community fund are not enabled there because we need to be 100% sure that nothing is broken.

Alex has also been investigating the staking difficulty bug, and thinks he’s close to finding the cause. He will give more info soon.

Craig has had a week full of meetings, researching blockchain tech, and leading the efforts behind a suite of NavCoin Core manifestos. The aim of this is to inspire a lot more people to start contributing to the NavCoin project. So alongside drafting manifestos with other community members, he has been refining the NavCore Community Hub at - looking at ways to make the ‘projects’ page more useful and nicer looking.

‘Project Craig’ has also been getting some overdue work too - including more sleep, which is much needed after several crazy busy months.

Matt has a long list of accomplishments this week:

  • Cloned the community site and began work on the static version of
  • Built new components for the static site that will store the content
  • Ported content from the current to the new static site
  • static site now has content parity with the current site
  • Tested and helped Rowan build new custom NavTech servers feature for NavPay
  • Tested and merged various pull requests for the community site

Rowan powered through a mountain of work this week - spending most of his week updating and enhancing features of NavPay, while managing to find the time to review Sakdeniz’s NavCoin NEXT wallet. He finalized and merged the ability to add custom NavTech Servers into NavPay, and improved the setup processes which ensure users protect and encrypt their wallets.

Rowan also updated the NavPay build process to be more streamlined and easier to test - making it easier for other developers in the NavCoin community to contribute and give feedback. And if that wasn’t enough, he created a local secure server for NavPay, to provide better real-world testing.

Community News

NavCoin is truly global as this video of a NAV payment in Rome demonstrates. It proves that anyone can become involved in the NavCoin community - you don’t need to be a skilled developer to make a meaningful contribution.

Prodpeak has been busy creating a new block explorer for NavCoin. It’s still in alpha, but he’s been making some great progress on the project. Prodpeak aims it to be more detailed than the current NavCoin block explorer.

Sakdeniz has released an alpha version of the NavCoin Next wallet, a modern javascript based wallet which enables some cool extended functionality. Check out the project here and try out the wallet alpha.

That’s all from the NavCoin core contributors this week.

11 Apr 2018