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What is the NavCoin Collab Forum?

What is the NavCoin Collab Forum?

Kieren Hyland
2 Oct 2018

The NavCoin Collab Forum is a new addition to the NavCoin ecosystem.

While Discord & Telegram are great for communication - ideas can get lost amongst all the other chat that is happening. Especially since the NavCoin community lives all around the world and are logging in at different times.

So while communication is easy - what’s hard is collaboration. And collaboration is what’s required for communities to reach their full potential.

To keep it very simple, the NavCollab website can be seen as a forum but with a lot more features. The aim is to make it easy for community members to start projects, and get others to help you.

  1. You have a rough idea, and want feedback from others to refine it.
  2. You have a project, and need to find others to help you.
  3. You’re looking to find a project to help with.

It can be seen as a town square for NavCoin - a hub where people come to see what’s going on, and have the ability to easily jump into projects and help out.

It’s built so that everyone can see everything that is being worked on by the community, and can easily join in.

NavCoin Collab Spaces

How it works:

Spaces - When you create a new project, you are creating your own section of the site to dedicate to your project. These are called ‘Spaces’. It’s super easy to do, so don’t be shy about creating a Space. Other users have to follow your Space before they start seeing notifications from it.

Your Profile - You have your own profile where you can showcase your skills & interests. Once this is set up, then visit our ‘Teams’ Space to see the projects that are looking for help.

NavCoin Collab profile

What makes this site great is that it’s built for all skillsets - you don’t just need to be a developer to help out. In fact, there is a post that includes a huge list of ways to help out, and this is the perfect tool for non-developers to find each other and work together.

NavCoin Collab Contribution

How to get started?

  1. Sign up at
  2. Take a look around, and join in a few different Spaces
  3. Create a Space if you have an idea for a project, and let other people know about it!

What’s next?

At this stage, it’s very early days for the NavCollab website, and there are a lot of improvements to be made. We’d love to hear your feedback as to how we can improve it.

Finding a great way to collaborate is an important step in the continual decentralization of NavCoin, and will help make the community fund more successful.

So jump in, check it out & get involved!

Kieren Hyland
2 Oct 2018