NAV OpenAlias

OpenAlias has been implemented to make payments to NavCoin wallets easier. It’s another example of the ways that NavCoin is simplifying cryptocurrency.

What is OpenAlias?

OpenAlias is an open standard that allows users to transform a lengthy alphanumeric wallet address into a form that’s much easier to read, write, and remember.

For example: [email protected]


NAV OpenAlias is a little like PayPal, which lets you send a payment to an email address. The difference is that OpenAlias uses an easy to remember ‘email style’ address to represent your full NavCoin wallet address.

For more information on how it works, visit

Registering for a NAV OpenAlias

First, visit

1. Register your name

Register a name you like and the suffix will be added automatically.

2. Copy message to console

A line of code will be generated for you to prove that you own the NAV wallet address. Follow the instruction to copy and paste the code to the console in your NavCoin Wallet’s Debug window.

3. Verify

The console in the Debug window will output a line of verification code. This code then needs to be copied back to the NavCoin OpenAlias to complete the verification process.

Why use OpenAlias?

OpenAlias was created by contributors to the Monero cryptocurrency project who wanted to find a way of simplifying cryptocurrency payments by bridging the knowledge gap between cryptographically secure systems and users who aren’t sophisticated developers.

  1. It’s easy - You can transform long alphanumeric codes into an easily memorable address.

  2. It’s secure - NAV OpenAlias leverages DNSSEC to prevent MITM attacks on the alias.

  3. It saves time - It’s quicker and easier to remember a meaningful ‘human-readable’ OpenAlias address than a long string of randomised characters.