Kauri Wallet

Kauri Wallet

Kauri is the multi-currency crypto wallet you've been waiting for. Open source, fast, lightweight, secure and with all the features you'd expect from your bank and point-of-sales software. Kauri will set a new standard in managing your crypto assets.

It’s open source

Transparency is an important pillar of decentralised software, especially when trusting an application to store your cryptocurrency. The Kauri Wallet will always be free and open source, so you can rest easy knowing the software used to secure your funds can be validated by anyone at anytime.


Kauri is designed to work with multiple blockchains to enable all the advanced NavCoin features Encrypt S is building for your entire portfolio.


Kauri can be used on desktop, mobile and web browser with the same advanced features and seamless user experience.


Kauri will be able to operate as a thin client, full node or a staking node either on your desktop or remotely from a Raspberry Pi.

Kauri DAEx

Kauri will be like having a Decentralised Atomic Exchange (DAEx) in your pocket. It enables safe peer 2 peer exchanges for any supported currency.


Kauri will have a suite of merchant tools including a payment gateway that enables NAV to be spent at any business which accepts a Kauri supported currency.


A fusion of NavTech Private Payments and Kauri DAEx exchange technology to enable sending Kauri Wallet supported cryptocurrencies privately.

Kauri Version 1.0

The first stage of the project is to build Kauri as a cross-platform thin client which supports NAV, BTC and ETH. At this point the wallet will be able to generate, encrypt and restore private keys as well as send and receive transactions.

This creates a solid foundation for the additional features and functionality outlined here which we will then iteratively implement into the wallet.