Community Roadmap

Cryptocurrencies are complicated, and it’s NavCoin’s mission to change that. As a community we are striving to make NavCoin the most usable cryptocurrency on the planet.

NavCoin’s community roadmap continues that journey. Together we are laying the foundation for NavCoin to be an industry-leading cryptocurrency, by building better money.

NavCoin and its eco-system of projects are all open source. If you want to contribute to any of these projects you can via the NavCoin GitHub repositories. If you’re working on your own NavCoin project, talk with the community on the NavCoin Discord and we can help you add it to the roadmap!

Upcoming Projects

Kauri Staking

Enabling the Kauri Wallet to operate as a staking node on your desktop or remotely on a Raspberry Pi.

Kauri Enhanced

An enhanced interface for Kauri to handle multiple accounts, pin numbers, recurring payments and other functions which you’d be used to seeing inside a banking application.

Kauri DAEx

A Decentralised Atomic Exchange which utilises the multi-currency features of the Kauri Wallet. Users will be able to create safe peer 2 peer atomic exchanges for any currency supported by the wallet.


A payment gateway that enables users to spend NAV at any business which accepts currencies supported by the Kauri Wallet.

NavTech 2.0 'Rimu'

Redesigning NavTech to make the private payment system completely trustless and distributed running at a protocol level.


A fusion of NavTech Private Payments and Kauri DAEx exchange technology to enable sending Kauri Wallet supported cryptocurrencies privately.

In Progress

Static Block Reward @ 50%

Modifying the block reward from percentage based to static in an effort to increase network security.

NavPi Lite @ 30%

A simplified Raspbian OS build with a basic Angular & NodeJS interface to manage your NavPi staking device.

Lightning Network @ 15%

Implementing lightning network transactions to allow instant, cross chain, atomic swaps between NAV and other supported cryptocurrencies.

NavCoin ATM @ 10%

Customising the Lamassu ATM interface to be compatible with NAV and launching it in Auckland as the world's first NavCoin ATM.

Kauri Wallet @ 10%

Kauri is an open-source, multi-currency wallet that will be the foundation for advanced features like merchant tools, atomic exchanges and many more great NavCoin features.

Beta Testing

Cold Staking

Allowing for NAV, which are stored offline, to sign staking inputs that greatly increase the security of funds used for staking.

Community Fund

The community have suggested a change in the consensus mechanism which would allow for community contributors to receive funding from the network for their efforts.


NavCoin m8

The NavCoin m8 is a low-power device capable of running NavCoin Core and other wallets at the same time at very low energy costs.

NavCoin Next

A cross platform NavCoin wallet that provides an alternative to NavCoin Core and an even more user friendly graphical interface.

Nav Explorer

Alternative block explorer written in Java. This will offer redundancy if there are any issues with the current cryptoid block explorer.

NavCoin Core Manifestos

Defining manifestos for the NavCoin core developers and content creators to help align the community’s efforts.

Development Containers

One challenge of having a wide range of NavCoin software is maintaining the development environments. Having easily deployable development environments for each NavCoin project is necessary for productivity within the NavCoin development community.

Website Refresh

Refreshing the website to add more information about the currently available NavCoin projects and also drive a deeper level of engagement from the whole NavCoin community.

Knowledge Base

To consolidate troubleshooting tips and general information about NavCoin its various applications and how to use them, the NavCoin community are compiling a knowledge base of helpful articles.

Payment Button

Enable NAV payments and donations on your website with this easy to configure button that comes with a range of configurations and options.

NavTech 1.2

Obfuscating metadata inference of NavTech transactions when there is low transaction volume. It implements split transactions and time delayed outputs to obfuscate inference.

NavCoin 4.0

Upgrading NavCoin Core to align with the Bitcoin 0.13 source code to increase NavCoin’s stability, functionality and the ability to integrate with other software including the Insight API and deployment of Segregated Witness.

Merchant Gateway

NavCoin has been added to Coin Payments merchant gateway. This allows merchants to accept NavCoin in their physical stores and also on their websites.

NavTech Decentralisation

Rebuilding NavTech private payments using NodeJS to make it easier to distribute and be run by anyone who wants to participate in NavTech payments.


NAV OpenAlias allows you to register a free OpenAlias address and link it to your real NavCoin address using a unique 'email style' user name.


NavPay is an easy to use light wallet, that allows you to securely store your NAV. There’s no blockchain to download, it’s just a quick & simple way to take control of your private keys.


NavTech enables a dual blockchain based private payment option that operates in parallel to the NavCoin blockchain.


A low-energy NavCoin staking solution based on the Raspberry-Pi platform. The NavPi offers a more energy-efficient way to participate in validating NavCoin transactions.

NavCoin Core

NavCoin is a decentralised cryptocurrency that uses peer-to-peer technology to operate with no central authority or banks; managing transactions and the issuing of NavCoin is carried out collectively by the network.