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2018 Roadmap is Live

  • NavCore
  • 17 Jan 2018
  • Nav News

The NavCoin Core developers have a range of projects on the go in 2018, supporting the ‘big picture’ mission of simplifying cryptocurrency.

Kickstart 2018 Navpi Back in Stock and Electrum Export to Navpay

  • NavCore
  • 10 Jan 2018
  • Nav News

The team have come back from their holidays feeling rested and energetic! After a fairly hectic end of year period, having some time to unplug and relax has allowed us to recharge our batteries and get ready for the big year ahead.

A Guide To NavTech 1.2 - In Easy To Understand Language

  • NavCore
  • 28 Aug 2017
  • Article

With the release of NavTech 1.2, we’re making a lot of improvements to make sure that your transactions are safer, more secure, and more private than ever before. So we thought we would take this time to step back and talk about why privacy is important, how privacy in cryptocurrencies work, and how NavTech (Nav Coin’s optional private payment) works.